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Every MYSL coach, assistant coach and team manager must register online as an Administrator every year. You must take this separate step to register as an Administrator even if you also register as a parent of a player. Paper registration for Administrators will not be accepted.


NO COMPUTER? PROBLEMS? If you do not have access to a computer, contact the MYSL office 415-678-9955 and arrange a time to go to the office and register online. If you have questions or problems with online registration, contact soccerreg@sfmiller.com.


FORGOT USER NAME/PASSWORD? Contact soccerreg@sfmiller.com (do not call Affinity). BEFORE YOU START: If you have never registered in Affinity as an Administrator, you will need to upload a photo. Make sure you have a photo on your computer that is a recent picture, head only, no hats, and no sunglasses. Administrators that have registered in Affinity in previous years will not need to upload a photo.


START:Go to the MYSL Registration Website: http://www.mission-calnorth.sportsaffinity.com/Click on “Register with the Mission Youth Soccer League”Follow the instructions at the top of each page.If you forgot your user name or password, contact soccerreg@sfmiller.com(do not call Affinity) Note, you will be asked whether you coach competitive or recreational teams.If you coach both, choose “competitive”New Administrators will be asked to upload a photo.You will need to upload the image, review it, crop it or reduce the pixels with the dropdown menu and then choose “upload image” to actually upload the imageWhen you have successfully completed the process, you will receive an email acknowledgment.If you are a new coach, you will need tobe livescanned (see instructions below)


WHEN YOU ARE DONE: Don’t forget to turn in any new coach licenses to the MYSL office or email them to soccerreg@sfmiller.com.


ADMINISTRATORS ON MULTIPLE TEAMS: If you coach or manage multiple teams, you only need to go through the registration process once. Just choose one of your teams and use the assignment code for that team. Email soccerreg@sfmiller.com with the names of the other teams you will be coaching.




All Administrators must be electronically fingerprinted and pass a background clearance from the DOJ. You must be live scanned at an authorized Live Scan location:  



You will need to bring the following to your appointment: Live Scan Form. Here is more info on how to download the form:  https://calnorth.org/required-live-scan/


BE SURE TO USE YOUR FULL LEGAL NAME Government Issued Photo ID Payment Keep the live scan form until your results have been entered into the system. FIRST TIME COACHES: COACH LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: A coach or assistant coach is required to have an F license (or better) to be issued a coaching pass. The F License certification consists of two parts: The US Soccer Online F Course (found online at http://www.ussoccer.com/coaching-education/licenses/national-f); and The USSF F Field Component Course (find a course at http://calnorth.org/sign-up-for-a-coaching-courseclinic/) You must complete both parts to be issued the F license.